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Well guess i'm supposed to say something about myself. Lets do it in few words. People are in such hurry these days. Hufflepuff, Sweden and 22. Doctor who, Sherlock, Merlin, Supernatural, Peaky blinders, Hannibal, orange is the new black and then just funny stuff and... stuff.


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donna noble + tumblr text posts (part 2)
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RTD-Era Meme
7 outfits: [1/7] Martha’s outfit at the end of Blink
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people who go into tags just to be mad about the contents of said tag
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minute and minute shouldn’t be spelled the same

im not content with this content

i object to that object

I need to read what I read again

Excuse me but there’s no excuse for this

Someone should wind this post up and throw it in the wind

i hope you dont mind but you just fucked with my mind

fuck all of you

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the female body is hardcore as fuck. 

Yes is it.

so is the male body
it’s sad to see so many people like this on this website

OP is praising the fact that women hold a fucking infant in their belly the size of a ribcage, get the fuck over yourself for 3.5 seconds.

*~*~follow for more fragile male ego~*~*

The male body is more susceptible to hereditary diseases because of their lack of a second X chromosome. Their testosterone production ages them faster and causes them to die sooner. Their center of gravity is higher because of their tiny little hips and overgrown shoulders, making them easier to topple. Their gonads are placed outside of the body, in a very vulnerable position, because they do not function properly if they get a little bit warmer than usual. They have non-functional nipples, but still enough breast tissue to get cancer.The male body is not hardcore. The male body is to the female body what a shoddy, unstable mod is to a well-estabilished piece of software. Sit the fuck down. And try to not crush your fragile pathetic outside gonads when you do it.

Males nipples are actually functional, they just need consistent stimulation to get lactation started. Heres a 6 and a half minute long video about it.
That is literally my only issue with the above statement about the male body, because accuracy counts (and also this tiny little factoid nullifies 80% of all the reasons why womens  boobs are somehow sexual organs).

Apparently they can produce some kind of milk-inch liquid but not something that can feed a child.
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Mainstream media tends to hyper-sexualize gay relationships. Hence, many OUAT fans argue that you can’t have a gay couple on a family show about fairy-tales (often in very misspelled social media posts). But um, nope, that’s just not true. When viewers say they want to see Swan Queen, it’s not a request for the show to become sexually explicit, to be Once Upon a Time in My Pants, it’s asking the show and the show’s audience to recognize that all those idealized elements of true love—authentic connection, sacrifice, and loyalty—also happen in LGBT relationships. LGBT romances deserve an idealized, flowers and hearts, aspirational depiction that parents and kids can watch together and sigh and say “Awww!” the way they do currently with hetero ones. I’m no folklore professor, I don’t own an amulet or Tevas, but even I know fairy-tales are one of the earliest ways we teach kids basic life lessons: what is good, what is bad, don’t talk to strangers, someday you’re going to find someone who will make all the terrible stuff worth it. If we can’t talk about gay relationships in fairy-tale terms, then we’re teaching kids who grow up to be gay that there isn’t a happy ending for them. Like, what other message does it send when Mulan walked away, sobbing, before she could even tell Aurora how she felt? “Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a powerful thing” is the show’s own thesis statement. Why not let gay kids, gay teens, and gay parents aspire to a happy ending too?

- Lily Sparks (x)

How have I never favorited or reblogged this before? 

Well, correcting that oversight now.

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Why isn’t anyone talking about this?
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This man was our president for EIGHT YEARS. We are never gonna live this down


i got the same SAT score as him, so i know where i stand

i’m not a tree i’m a bush
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you mean a racist and rude woman who mocked people for their appearance, ethnicity, and sexuality, and who kept putting female colleagues down? no thanks. time magazine should be ashamed of themselves for even suggesting that this woman was a feminist icon.

And this from the magazine who refused to include Laverne Cox in their top 100. #ImNoticingAPattern
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